No. Acrylic Nails are not harmful to your natural nail bed if it is applied correctly and with state board approved products. If you have a history of thin or damaged nails, acrylic enhancements might not be the best choice for your nail service. Maintenance is vital when choosing acrylics. Some can go 3 to 4 weeks before getting a fill-in while others need to get serviced every 2-weeks. Applying any product over your natural nail will cause a slight change from its normal state due to the filing that’s necessary for the product to properly adhere to your nails.

Yes. Cash, debit, and major credit cards are accepted. Personal checks are not.

Although you can continuously get a fill-in on acrylic nails, we recommend completely soaking off old acrylic and starting over every 2 months. Regardless of how often you get your nails done, your natural nails need to be tended to on a consistent basis to promote healthy natural nail growth and maintenance.

Choosing Gel or Acrylic is really a personal choice. For those that like to switch colors quite often and like the look and feel of their natural nails Gel polish is best. Gel polish is a product that uses colored gel that’s applied to your nails instead of traditional polishes. Gel polish is more durable than regular polish and usually last 10-14 days. Acrylic is loved by many because it is more durable than gel and gives your natural nails a hard covering that last for weeks. We use a hard gel base, which improves the durability of your gel. Most clients can keep their gel polish on for 3 weeks without it chipping. Designs and stones can also be added to gel nails. It is common for acrylic wearers to go a month plus without getting a fill-in. However, we do not recommend those with gel nails to wait as long. Although you can do the same designs with gel as you can with acrylic, it is still a more natural system that requires maintenance that is much more frequent. 

Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred for better management and overall experience for our customers. Due to prior appointments being honored first, if you do walk-in and all the technicians are busy you are more than welcome to wait for the next available tech or we can give you an exact time to come back that day. Your name and number will be taken and a courtesy text will be sent to you when your technician is ready. 

For Georgia Clients please use StyleSeat. All Alabama clients can make appointments by calling or texting 334-610-1759. Same day appointments can be made if the time desired is open. When making appointments please be sure to let us know if you already have Nails on when needing a new set. 

If anything happens to your Nails within a week of getting them done please do not hesitate to come back for it to be corrected. We want all of our clients to be satisfied with their services. 

Definitely! All of the nail techs use the same products and nail application techniques. We want you to find the one technician that you like and stick with them. If they aren’t available it’s perfectly fine to let another nail tech gather you for the day. 

Wait times vary depending on the day. During the weekend we keep our appointment times to early morning to leave the afternoon and evenings for walk-ins. Tuesday and Wednesday’s are usually our slowest. Thursday gets busy after 4pm. Friday’s and Saturday’s are usually our highest volume days. Normally if all the techs are full when you arrive the wait is 45-60 minuets. We ask that you take into consideration that people want their nails Gathered! Which means designs, stones, shapes, Chrome, etc. These nail procedures take more time than a normal polish. We want your Nails to look great so we do take our time to make sure you’re getting your monies worth! We work diligently as well as time efficient. However, we understand that sometimes you just need to get in and out fast. In these cases, making an appointment will be best. 

It’s best to start fresh when changing nail salons due to each salon using different brands of products. However, Your Gathered Nail Tech will make the professional decision if you need a new set. 

Of course!! Don’t let the Girly Gathered Decor scare you! Male nail maintenance services are always available