Meet The Owner

Every now and then, destiny meets execution – and greatness materializes. This greatness emulates and resonates on each client that Antonia Babers (affectionately known as Toni B.) touches, as they all represent living reflections that choose to bestow her beautiful art in the best way possible – in their everyday lives and on their hands. The instruments that proceed us when meeting important people through a handshake, cooking for our families, producing wealth, etc. And yes we’re talking about nails, and yes; they definitely are works of art.  

The precision and detail that Toni puts into every set of nails she completes is evident. This work is distinguishable from the humdrum. This does not come from an assembly line of forced production but a spirit to create from within that is a gift from God. Antonia started doing nails when she was just 10. Amazed and by the colors, jewels (as most young girls are) and the confidence and fierceness that a set of nails elicits from a woman’s character, she was instantly hooked, and doing whomever’s nails she could get her hands on – friends, family, and classmates.  

She kept this love for nails and continued to practice. Toni decided to take a break from her normal studies as a biomedical science student at Auburn University to perfect her craft, and enrolled in Rivertown School of Barbering, Hair, Skincare and Nails. After becoming, licensed it was a wrap; she began doing nails all over the Auburn/Montgomery Alabama area, and built a large clientele in no time. After graduating from Auburn University, Toni decided to take her talents to Atlanta, becoming, licensed in both states. She has a full service nail salon in Opelika, AL and a personal salon suite in Atlanta, Ga.  

Toni B. specializes in many different nail techniques. Whether it is acrylic, gel, natural, dipped nails, pink and white, new trends – she can do it. Oh, and that biomedical sciences degree – she is a licensed scientist, which gives her a leg up on knowing how to select the best, most quality products for her clients. Very few nail techs have this knowledge base. 

Many will imitate but few can master an art that has been cultivated from within. Do not get a bargain substitute, get Gathered!